Physical Medical Test Guidance for the candidates applying in FIA, Army, NAVY, PAF, Police, and all Uniform Posts.

Work to do Description of work
Running Do running daily up to 1 km to 1.6 km daily.

  • Running slowly at the start and gradually increase your footsteps.
  • On covering your half run-path, try to increase your speed.
  • Keep your body straight, Head down (when running).
  • Run on your toes, not on the palm of your feet.
  • Always breathing by your noise, not by mouth.
  • Do not use heavy joggers. Use light joggers.


Keep your body warm with 20 pushups, 3 chin-ups, and 25 setups daily.

  • Before starting, always warm up your body first and then start doing pushups, Chin-ups, Setups, etc. Otherwise, you may feel pain in different parts of the body or you may do running for 10 minutes.
  • Always start from 2-3 and gradually increase your counts up to 20-25.


  1. Always run on your toes and never run on your heel otherwise you will tired soon and will not be able to qualify for a physical test.
  2. Always eat your lunch or breakfast 45 minutes or 1 hour before running starts otherwise you may not able to complete your running.
  3. Situps, Pushups, Chinups, etc all are very easy and you can complete these steps very comfortable never do that in a hurry.
  4. Practice makes a man perfect. So, do practice and Run about 1 km on a daily basis, and be consistent.

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So, this is the information, every candidate wants to know before applying to Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force as Officer, Soldier, or Civilian.

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