E-Testing in Pakistan Army, NAVY & PAF

E-Testing in Pakistan Army, NAVY & PAF

Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force have introduced the e-Testing program to select Officers, JCOs, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Civilians in various branches and trades of the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force. Initially, intelligence and academic tests are administered through E-Testing; However, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force are planning to extend this project to assess the personality of candidates. Candidates would undergo e-Testing according to the modern system of selection. The computer-literate candidates would have a slight edge over the candidates who do not have any exposure to computers.

Procedure of E-Testing

When the candidates report to the Selection, Information & Recruitment Center for the tests, they will find a Computer Lab where computers are ready for the e-Test. All important instructions will be displayed on the computer screen along with some examples. The instructions are as follows;

  • It is an easy and short test to find out how quickly and accurately you can answer a series of simple questions in a specified time limit (Appx 30 Seconds for 1 question).
  • All questions have five options; A, B, C, D, and E. You are required to click on the most appropriate answer.
  • If click on a wrong answer it will not reversible or undo and there is no Negative Marking in the result.
  • It is necessary to Pass every subject in the Academic Tests.
  • You will be given a White Board on your computer desk for rough work.
  • If you want to correct your answer which you think is the right option, click on the option which you think is correct. It would overwrite the previous option.

After Instructions, Some examples will be displayed on the screen to make you clear about the nature of the tests, so try to understand the example here. After that, the actual test would be administered.

Intelligence Test

This test consists of 100 multiple questions and there will be NO NEGATIVE MARKING in this test. Your success in this test depends upon the number of questions you attempt correctly. The intelligence test consists of TWO parts i.e, Verbal and Non-Verbal.

Filling the answer sheet

In case of non-availability of computers, the procedure for filling the answer sheet is as follows:-

  1. Extreme care is to be taken in filling out the answer sheet.
  2. The Answer sheet should not be folded, stapled, or damaged.
  3. The rectangles or circles on the sheet are to be filled completely with black 2B or 3B pencils.
  4. All the candidates are to bring 2B or 3B pencils and erasers along with them for intelligence and academic tests.

Procedure for Filling the answer sheet

If you think your registration number is 13215, you will blacken the rectangles or circles 1 in the first row, 3 in the second row, 2 in the third row, 1 in the fourth row, and 5 in the fifth row under the registration number. Each number alphabet is to be marked (Blackened) on a separate horizontal row. A line must not contain more than ONE blackened rectangle or circle. For space between two words, leave a row unmarked.

Each answer contains FIVE choices; A, B, C, D, & E. Each answer also contains the answer number next to it for each reference. Only one answer is correct. For the answer which you think is correct, Blacken out the appropriate rectangle or circle. If you discover that you have blackened an inappropriate rectangle or circle and you want to change it, erase the wrong answer and blacken the correct choice. If you have more than one rectangle or circle in one answer, it will be read as incorrect by the computer system.

E-Testing in Pakistan Army, NAVY & PAF

So, this is the information, every candidate wants to know before applying to Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force as Officer, Soldier, or Civilian.

Remember me in your prayers and keep sharing these informational posts with your friends and family so, that needy one can adopt enough knowledge about the selection procedure in Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force.

NOTE; Information collected from different candidates now selected in Pak Army, NAVY & PAF.

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